KIPRIME podcast episode 9 - Gabrielle Finn

Using arts and humanities to innovate pedagogy - an interview with Professor Gabrielle Finn.

Gabrielle Finn
Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Gabrielle Finn is Associate Vice President for Teaching, Learning, and Students at the University of Manchester, where she was previously Professor of Medical Education and Vice Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health. 

She has a track record in establishing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In an earlier role, Gabrielle was the founding Director of the Health Professions Education Unit (HPEU) and Chair of the Postgraduate Board at the Hull York Medical School (HYMS), where she worked extensively on widening access and curriculum development, including the implementation of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships into medical programmes. She was also Programme Director for the blended and distance learning courses for the MSc, Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate in Health Professions Education at HYMS, working with AdvanceHE to deliver this accredited programme. 

Gabrielle has a diverse research portfolio which spans both qualitative and quantitative paradigms.  She initially conducted her doctoral research exploring anatomy, pedagogy, and medical professionalism. Gabrielle has over 150 peer-reviewed outputs, including books, book chapters, journal articles, and over 140 international conference presentations.  

She is an advocate for the use of arts and humanities with curricula, researching their use. She has a keen interest in exploring the hidden curriculum, publishing a body of work with Professor Fred Hafferty, and challenging the notion of teaching by stealth. More recently, Gabrielle has been working on a range of areas pertaining to equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

In this episode of the KIPRIME podcast, Gabrielle talks to Alina Jenkins about an evidence base for innovative methods of teaching anatomy, Professionalism and the Conscientiousness Index and novel research methods using the development of love and breakup letters to help research empathy and empathic dissonance.   

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