KIPRIME podcast episode 3 - Professor Anique de Bruin

Understanding how health professionals in training learn to self-regulate – an interview with Professor Anique de Bruin.

Professor Anique de Bruin.
Professor Anique de Bruin. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Anique de Bruin is Professor of Self-Regulation in Higher Education and Vice-director of the School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University. Her background is in educational psychology and throughout her career she has been fascinated by how trainee health professionals learn and act. 

Her research centres around questions of metacognitive and self-regulatory processes in learning. She is particularly fascinated by how subjective learning experiences shape self-regulation of learning, and how effective instructional design and strategy training can support self-regulation. She recently developed a novel research line related to how learners monitor and regulate their learning effort, to understand and support how they learn to persist when things get rough, and how they take breaks to replete.

In this episode of the KIPRIME podcast, Anique talks to Alina Jenkins about her early research studying chess players, why the COVID pandemic has had an impact on self-regulatory learning and her current focus on effort monitoring. 

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