KIPRIME podcast episode 2 - Dr Mahan Kulasegaram

How utilising assessment big data can optimize future programmes for learners, teachers, and clinical care – an interview with Dr Mahan Kulasegaram.

Dr Mahan Kulasegaram.
Dr Mahan Kulasegaram. Photo: N/A.

Dr Kulamakan (Mahan) Kulasegaram is a Scientist at the Wilson Centre and Temerty Faculty of Medicine, where is the Temerty Chair in Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation. Additionally, he is an Associate Professor and Director of the Office of Education Scholarship in the Department of Family & Community Medicine. Mahan’s research advances our understanding of how assessment can help learners develop clinical reasoning and how education programs can use assessment as a tool for systems and outcomes for learners.   
His research examines educational assessment as an opportunity to enhance learning and support the transfer of learning required to develop clinical expertise in medicine.  
In this second episode of the KIMPRIME podcast 2022, Mahan discusses the next stage of his research program with Alina Jenkins. Supported by the Temerty Chair in Learner Assessment - this stage looks at utilizing assessment big data to understand opportunities to optimize programs and their impact on learners, teachers, and eventual clinical care. He is developing models with national and international collaborators to facilitate education data sharing within and between institutions as well as identifying best practices in this new area for medical education. 

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