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The programme is based on several different research groups at Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University. By forming an integrated research environment in the diabetes area SRP Diabetes has become a Swedish knowledge hub in this discipline. The programme translates results between clinical and basic science to improve the care and treatment of people with diabetes. Support is given from the government through the strategic initiatives (the SFO initiative) and from KI and Stockholm County Council through the theme center initiative.

Organizational Structure. Juleen Zierath (JRZ), Peter Arner (PA), Per-Olof Berggren (P-O B) and Helena Edlund (HE)

Organizational Structure. Juleen Zierath (JRZ), Peter Arner (PA), Per-Olof Berggren (P-O B) and Helena Edlund (HE) 


The overall goal of the Strategic Research Programme in Diabetes at Karolinska Institutet is to improve both prevention and treatment of diabetes by forming a strong, integrated research environment in the diabetes field, rich in collaboration, communication, and scientific exchange.

Specifically, the programme aims to:

  • Develop and support common infrastructures such as a Metabolic Phenotyping Centre for Diabetic Animal Models, a Centre for Clinical Metabolic Research in Diabetes, a Beta Cell Imaging Facility and support for Enabling Technologies (genomics and bioinformatics)
  • Increase interactions between the research teams of the programme by supporting collaborative projects and arranging common symposia, meetings and seminars
  • Support PhD education within the research areas connected to the programme
  • Increase translational research by supporting collaborative projects between experimental and clinical researchers
  • Increase international contacts
  • Increase the interaction with the biotech and pharmaceutical industry
  • Support commercial utilization by providing in-house expertise and money for business development by linking to the Karolinska Institutet Innovation system

The programme coordinates laboratories possessing substantial expertise and unique technical resources, thus affording a natural point of contact for collaboration within the diabetes area, both for researchers within Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University as well as with external researchers.

Management Group



Juleen Zierath

Phone: 08-524 875 80
Organizational unit: Integrative Physiology
E-mail: Juleen.Zierath@ki.se


Professor, senior

Peter Arner

Organizational unit: Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH), H7
E-mail: Peter.Arner@ki.se

Management Group Member


Per-Olof Berggren

Phone: 08-517 757 31
Organizational unit: Signal Transduction
Department: Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery (MMK), K1
E-mail: Per-Olof.Berggren@ki.se

Management Group Member

Head of department

Erik Näslund

Phone: 08-123 550 17
Organizational unit: Ledningsgrupp
E-mail: Erik.Naslund@ki.se

Management Group Member

Professor, Head of UCMM

Helena Edlund

Phone: +46(0)90 785 44 29
E-mail: helena.edlund@ucmm.umu.se
Address: Centre for Molecular Medicine, Umeå University

Programme Manager


Stefan Nobel

Phone: 08-524 869 80
Organizational unit: Integrative Physiology
E-mail: stefan.nobel@ki.se

Innovation Officer

Patrik Blomquist



E-mail: patrik.blomquist@kiinnovations.se
Address: Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB

Communications Officer


Scientific Advisory Board

Isadore and Fannie Foxman Professor, Chair

Michael Czech

Address: Program in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Professor Biochemistry, Paediatrics & Physiology

Amira Klip

Address: University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children

Professor of Nutrition and Medical Biochemistry

Dominique Langin

Address: Obesity Research Laboratory, Inserm UPS U858

CEO and Director

John Nolan

Address: Steno Diabetes Center A/S, Denmark

Professor of Molecular Diabetology

Michele Solimena

Address: Techn University Dresden