Student Degree Project Grant Programme

SRP Diabetes supports principal investigators who will supervise a student in an educational program at KI (e.g. medical students, biomedicine program, master programmes) while the student performs his/her degree project work. Projects should be in the area of diabetes and/or metabolism.
Calls are open for each spring and autumn term, and are usually announced towards the end of the preceding term.

Applications for the spring term 2024: deadline January 31

Call is open for applications for the "Student Degree Project Grants" when supervising students for their degree projects during the spring term of 2024 or for 1-year degree projects starting spring 2024.

NOTE: Grants have been increased in this call! 35 000 SEK (incl INDI) for a 10-week project, 70 000 SEK (incl INDI) for a 20-week project or 140 000 SEK (incl INDI) for a 1-year project.

How to apply: download and fill in the specific application form below, in where a defined student should be detailed, and email to Stefan Nobel latest January 31, 2024.

Call text and application form for 2024

Earlier recipients of the grant

Recipients of grants fall term 2023

Ping Chen (LabMed), Qiaolin Deng (FyFa), Malin Flodström Tullberg (MedH), Carolina Hagberg (MedS), Kirsty Spalding (CMB) and Elisabet Stener-Victorin (FyFa).

Recipients of grants spring term 2023

Jorge Ruas (FyFa), Elisabet Stener-Victorin (FyFa), Claudia Kutter (MTC) and Sergiu Catrina (MMK).

Recipients of grants fall term 2022

Carolina Hagberg (MedS) and Eckardt Treuter (Bionut)

Recipients of grants spring term 2022

Rongrong Fan (BioNut), Nicolas Pillon (FyFa), Elisabet Stener-Victorin (FyFa), Johanna Lanner (FyFa) and Jorge Ruas (FyFa) were awarded grants for supervising students during the spring.

Recipients of grants autumn term 2021

Sergiu-Bogdan Catrina (MMK) and Mattias Carlström (FyFa) will both supervise 20-week student degree projects.

Stefan Nobel