SRP Diabetes support of doctoral education

* Supporting the MetEndo doctoral programme
* Student Degree Project Programme to support supervisors in Diabetes and Metabolism
* Organizing an annual international symposium at KI, Diabetes Day
* Organizing an annual internal scientific meeting, the SRP Diabetes - EndoMet - MetEndo Retreat
* Organizing an international seminar series
* Promoting doctoral courses in metabolism at other universities, e.g. at Umeå University


There is a growing need for research scientists to acquire fundamental basic and clinical knowledge of physiology and metabolism to interpret the huge amount of available molecular information in the context of endocrine and metabolic disorders. The greatest challenge faced by research scientists in the field of diabetes is to integrate knowledge from several disciplines including molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, and biochemistry, to functionally characterize novel and known genes and to assess their clinical relevance in human disease. The diabetes curriculum is aimed at preparing graduate students at Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University with foundational knowledge for solving the complex metabolic problems associated with the endocrine disorders by offering lecture and methodological courses given by world leading foreign and Swedish scientists.

International recruitment: It is paramount for a leading research centre to recruit at the highest international level to attract the best talent. Therefore, we view international recruitments at all levels as an integral part of the activities within SRP Diabetes. Approximately a third of the PhD students and two-thirds of the post-doctoral fellows originate from other countries. International recruitments are also manifested at the next levels, as a number of junior and senior group leaders within SRP Diabetes have been trained outside Sweden. A well-renowned university, such as KI, helps to recruit internationally. The support structures available to SRP Diabetes, such as key infrastructures, the critical mass of expertise and educational activities, facilitate efforts to recruit top level international students and researchers.

Travel stipends are available for a limited number doctoral studets within the SRP Diabetes programme to visit Umeå University or Karolinska Institutet in order to participate in doctoral courses. The SRP Diabetes programme's stipened covers economy travelling and lodging. Contact Stefan Nobel if you are interested


Doctoral courses in the area at Umeå University

Please check back- information will be posted here.

Below are past courses on Imaging:

Biomedical Imaging in animal models of development and disease, fall 2011 (Pdf file, 96 Kb)


SRP Diabetes meetings and seminar series for PhD students

“NextGeneration” was an earlier seminar series where PhD students and postdocs presented their research and get presentation skills and constructive feedback on their projects, see this page. Interested for this activity to re-start? contact Stefan Nobel

The highly attended SRP Diabetes internal retreat is a forum where PhD students and postdocs network and train in scientific communication. See this page

Each year, SRP Diabetes organizes an international scientific symposium on Diabetes and Obesity at KI with over 200 participants, where PhD Students and postdocs meet and network with renowned international researchers in the field. See this page