Novo Nordisk Fellowships

Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme at Karolinska Institutet

This fellowship programme aims to support the development of a new generation of exceptional young diabetes and metabolism researchers, to become future leaders in the field, while further developing scientific excellence within these areas ultimately improving the lives of patients.

The programme was initiated in 2015 with the plan to include three annual recruitments. The third recruitment was completed in 2017 and the programme now includes 13 outstanding postdoctoral researchers that have been selected for fellowships in stiff competition with several hundreds of applicants. 

We are happy to announce that the programme has been extended and expanded to include another three rounds of annual recruitments. This call is, thus, the first step in our fourth round of recruitment of 3 postdoctoral fellows for an expected start date in the autumn of 2018.

Based at Karolinska Institutet, Fellows will undertake cutting edge research projects, mentored by front-line researchers in the field of diabetes and metabolism. In addition, it is anticipated that during the course of the fellowships, fellows will have the opportunity to spend approximately 3 months in the research laboratories at Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen. Thus, Fellows will gain insight into research conducted in both academia and industry. In order to increase coherence around the Fellowship programme, a number of events will be held throughout the year such as high profile lectures, symposia, etc. which the fellows will attend, both at Karolinska Institutet and at Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen.

  • The postdoctoral research fellowships are aimed at early career researchers with a basic science background.
  • Fellowships are fully funded for a 3-year period providing salary as well as travel allowance for the fellow.
  • The fellowship programme is open to outstanding candidates of any nationality.

Call for project proposals 2018

Principal investigators at Karolinska Institutet are hereby invited to submit a project for consideration to the Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme at Karolinska Institutet within basic, translational, clinical, and/or epidemiological research with an emphasis on diabetes and its comorbidities (e.g. cardiovascular and liver disease), endocrinology and metabolism.

Download the 2018 call for project applications to the Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme at Karolinska Institutet.

- How to submit a project proposal for a postdoctoral fellow? -  deadline was Jan 22, 2018, and the call is now closed.

Workshops and meetings

The Programme organizes workshops and meetings on recent findings in diabetes research.

Programme for workshop October 11, 2017: download here

Programme from workshop November 10, 2016 can be downloaded here

Postdoctoral fellows recruited

Postdoctoral Fellow Principal Investigator
Dr Ester Bachar-Wikström Ass Prof Olov Andersson, Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology.

Dr Isabel Cordero Herrera


Assoc Prof Mattias Carlström, Renal and Cardiovascular Research, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Lucile Dollet Prof Anna Krook and Prof Juleen Zierath, Section of Integrative Physiology, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Sanna Hellberg Assoc Prof Stephen Malin and Prof Göran K Hansson, Cardiovascular Research, Dept of Medicine Solna

Dr Alastair Kerr

Assoc Prof Ingrid Dahlman, Lipid Laboratory, Dept of Medicine Huddinge

Dr Lars Ketscher                                              

Assoc Prof Jorge Ruas, Molecular and cellular exercise physiology group, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Kelvin Kwok Assoc Prof Carsten Daub, Prof Mikael Rydén and Prof Peter Arner, Dept of Medicine Huddinge
Dr Annika Mehlem Assoc Prof Elisabet Stener-Victorin, Reproductive endocrinology and metabolism, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Noah Moruzzi Assoc Prof Ingo Leibiger, Insulin Receptor Signalling, Dept of Molecular Medicine and Surgery
Dr Nicole Schmitner Ass Prof Olov Andersson, Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology
Dr Daniel Svensson Assoc Prof Hjalmar Brismar and Prof Anita Aperia, Paediatric cell and molecular biology, Dept of Women’s and Children’s Health

Dr Soile Tuomela 

Prof Malin Flodström Tullberg, Dept of Medicine Huddinge
Dr Montserrat Visa Prof Per-Olof Berggren, Signal Transduction, Dept of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

Programme Steering Committee

Karolinska Institutet members Novo Nordisk members

 Prof. Juleen Zierath, Clinical Physiology. Steering Committee Chairman

 Dr. Peter Kurtzhals, Senior Vice President Global Research

 Prof. Anders Gustafsson, Dean of Research

 Dr. Martin Ridderstråle, Vice President Clinical Pharmacology

nancy pedersen Prof. Nancy Pedersen, Medical Epidemiology

 Dr. Allan Ertmann Karlsen, Vice President Global Research External Affairs

 Prof. Barbara Canlon, Hearing Physiology

 Dr. Uli Stilz, Vice President R&D Academic Partnerships



Programme Manager

Håkan Karlsson