Postdoctoral Fellowships

With this postdoctoral programme the Strategic Research Programme in Diabetes (SRP Diabetes) at Karolinska Institutet aims to support the next generation of exceptional young scientists within the diabetes area, including both experimental and clinical research. Supported fellows study different perspectives of diabetes and its comorbidities.

Current Fellows

Please visit Recruited fellows for the SRP Diabetes Fellowship Programme for presentation of each fellow.

Fellows recruited in the first application round in 2021

Dr Omar Hmeadi

Principal Investigators: Niklas Mejhert and Mikael Rydén, Dept of Medicine, Huddinge.

Dr Maxence Jollet

Principal Investigator: Juleen Zierath, Dept of Molecular Medicine and Surgery.

Dr Gizem Korkut

Principal Investigator: Jaakko Patrakka, Dept of Laboratory Medicine.

Dr Guanglin Niu

Principal Investigator: Ning Xu Landén, Dept of Medicine, Solna.

Dr Stine Marie Praestholm

Principal Investigator: Jorge Ruas, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology. 


Fellows recruited in the second application round in 2022 - soon to be updated


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