Metabolic Phenotyping Centre

Mission: We aim to provide a platform for phenotypic and physiologic analysis of mouse models specifically focused on diabetes and its complications. Additionally we aim to provide guidance for investigators regarding selection of procedures, experimental design and data interpretation.

Process for applying for support from the phenotyping platform
Process for applying for help by the phenotyping platform

Available analysis

Feeding, locomotion and calorimetry: Two separate systems for non-invasive assessment of metabolism. 8 cages (Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System, CLAMS) from Columbus Instruments, and 16 cages Phenomaster Home cage system) from TSE Systems. Both systems allows determination of food intake, drink, locomotion and energy expenditure. Additionally, the TSE system allows monitoring in a home cage setting, and temperature control from 0- 60°C. The food and drink system has a more automated access control and the system facilitates pair feeding protocols.

Body composition: The EchoMRI-100™ measures whole body fat mass, lean tissue mass, free water, and total body water in live animals up to 100 grams without the need for anaesthesia or sedation, in less than 2 minutes.

Activity patterns / Exercise interventions: Running capacity and activity patterns are available in the form of voluntary wheel running. The system may also be used as a means of providing voluntary exercise in metabolic-based studies. System of 20 cages with running wheels for mice from STARR Life Sciences, PA, US. Computerized data collection system gives total activity and time of activity.

Glucose handling and insulin sensitivity: Expertise in intraperitoneal (or oral) glucose tolerance test, insulin tolerance tests as well as the Hyperinsulinaemic Euglycaemic Clamp is available. These latter analysis do require a larger investment from the investigator but advice and training is available and can be discussed.

How to get support

The user needs to have a valid ethical permit in order to perform the analysis in the Phenotyping Centre. Please contact us for detailed information of each analysis to help facilitate obtaining ethical permission.

See picture above showing the process for support by the facility.

Please, use the forms below for your enquiries.

The charges can be downloaded below.

Note The facility is located in the building “Komparativ Medicin Biomedicum” (D-barrier) at KI Solna campus.


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