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The MEB Biostatistics Group consists of ~40 biostatisticians, including four professors and a number of senior lecturers, postdocs, applied biostatisticians and PhD students and is involved in a wide variety of research projects, including population-based cohort and case-control studies, twin and family studies, survival analyses, predictive modeling, molecular and genetic epidemiology, bioinformatics and high-throughput data analyses. We collaborate extensively with Swedish and international research groups; we do not, however, provide any statistical consulting service. The group teaches a range of biostatistics courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Abrahamsson, Linda  
Andersson, Therese  
Bellocco, Rino  
Bower, Hannah  
Calza, Stefano  
Chiesa, Flaminia  
Clements, Mark  
Crowther, Michael  
Darabi, Hatef
Delcoigne, Benédicté  
Dickman, Paul  
Ekberg, Sara  
Eklund, Martin  
Ganna, Andrea  
Grotta, Alessandra  
Humphreys, Keith  
Jansson, Marie  
Jauhiainen, Alexandra  
Johansson, Anna  
Karlsson, Andreas  
Karlsson, Robert  
Kuja-Halkola, Ralf  
Lambert, Paul  
Lee, Myeongjee  
Le Ray, Isabelle  
Liu, Xingrong  
Lundholm, Cecilia  
Mariosa, Daniela  
Olsson, Henrik  
Palmgren, Juni  
Palsdottir, Thorgerdur  
Pawitan, Yudi  
Ploner, Alex  
Rantalainen, Mattias  
Reilly, Marie  
Sandin, Sven  
Sjölander, Arvid  
Ström, Peter  
Szulkin, Robert  
Tillander, Annika  
Weibull, Caroline  
Winell, Henric  
Yin, Li  
Zetterqvist, Johan  


Register-based researchSurvivalTwin research