Metabolic Phenotyping Center for Diabetic Animal Models

A centralized metabolic and physiologic phenotyping core center for genetically modified diabetic mouse models specifically focused on diabetes and its complications has been established. Standardized protocols for animal handling procedures, metabolic screens (including glucose and insulin tolerance tests), blood chemistry analysis (Luminex), meal tolerance testing, body composition (EchoMRI analysis), whole body energy homeostasis (Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System; CLAMS), whole body glucose homeostasis (euglycaemic-hyperinsulinaemic clamp technique in conscious mice), exercise intervention (running wheels), and behaviour. The aim is to provide not only the facility, but also advice on protocol design and data interpretation.

Interest in using the platform has been high, and we have now expanded our metabolic cage capacity. In addition to the 8 cages from Columbus Instruments, we are currently installing and optimizing a 16‐cage system of metabolic cages from TSE systems, Germany (www.tse‐ Since the previous system has been almost continuously booked we hope this will provide more flexibility for analysis. Additionally, the TSE system allows monitoring in a home cage setting, and temperature control from 0‐60°C. The food and drink system has a more automated access control and the system facilitates pair feeding protocols. After some initial hurdles we now hope to have it ready for bookings in the fall 2016.

Presentation of the facility:

Metabolic Phenotyping Center for Animal Models


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Anna Krook

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 878 24
Organizational unit: Krook Anna group - Integrative Physiology

Assistant professor

Julie Massart

Organizational unit: Integrative Physiology