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Doctoral Program in Metabolism and Endocrinology (MetEndo)

SRP Diabetes organizes the PhD programme in metabolism and endocrinology (MetEndo), which provides a curriculum of comprehensive study into metabolic and endocrine diseases, which is aimed at equipping PhD students at KI and UmU with thorough knowledge for solving the complex metabolic problems associated with the endocrine disorders. More than 25 % of the SRP Diabetes research groups are organizing their own PhD courses in this program, but also in other PhD programmes at KI.

The program is designed to prepare doctoral students to develop and execute creative research by providing the foundational knowledge for solving complex problems within the fields of endocrinology and metabolism.Photo: Anders Norderman

The program combines rigorous interdisciplinary coursework and laboratory training that utilizes cutting-edge technology to answer biologically important questions. The programme curriculum is designed to develop independent thinking, skills in oral and written presentation, proficiency of data analysis, and dissemination of scientific research through participation at institutional symposia and attendance at international congresses.

Within the MetEndo doctoral program, students have the opportunity to engage in a stimulating and interactive environment of world-class research, optimized for scientific collaboration and learning.

In addition to the MetEndo course curriculum, there are a number of other educational creative MetEndo Student activities such as:

  • ”Meet the Professor”, an informal round table discussion for students with influential scientists
  • ”PhD Project Pondering ” a student-initiated journal club
  • ”Brainstorm!” generated to foster creative thinking by PhD students

For information on courses and student-initiated activities please visit the MetEndo website

For more information on the program please contact: Jurga Laurencikiene, Marie Björnholm, or Ulrika Widegren