Research at MWLC

The 2023 Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine (MWLC) Seed Grant Programme has been established for KI researchers to fund and promote new research collaborations within stem cell differentiation, reprogramming and biomanufacturing toward translational application.

MWLC Seed Grant Projects

  1. Cancer predisposition and epigenetic deregulation of hematopoietic stem cells:
    Vanessa Lundin (MedH), Andreas Lennartsson (BioNut)
  2. From disease to recovery: Investigating the effects of APOB-lipoproteins on hematopoietic stem cells in cardiometabolic disease: 
    Petter Woll (MedH) Stephen Malin (MedS)
  3. Greasing the way for regeneration from gut to brain: Revealing the role of lipids in stem cell differentiation and regeneration: 
    Erdinc Sezgin (KBH), Jonas Frisén (CMB), Pekka Katajisto (CMB)
  4. Investigating the link between placental function and congenital heart disease using organoids-on-a-chip system: 
    Qiaolin Deng (FyFa), Elif Eroglu (CMB)
  5. Non-invasive analysis of cellular compositions during manufacturing of stem cell products via extracellular vesicle profiling: 
    Fredrik Lanner (CLINTEC), Samir EL Andaloussi (LABMED)
  6. Progenitor cell location as determinant of fate and regeneration: 
    Eduardo J. Villablanca (MedS), Maria Genander (CMB)
  7. Single cell analyses of in vitro-specified dopamine progenitors and their developmental trajectory after engraftment into a striatal context: 
    Johan Ericson (CMB), Erik Sundström (NVS)

Research Groups and Activities 2016-2023

MWLC consisted of two nodes, one in Hong Kong and one in Stockholm with ten research groups. By combining biology and technology, our aim is to unravel biology and develop leading-edge technologies for advancing reparative medicine with focuses on the nervous system and skin. 

Collaboration with CNRM

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