Sijie Chen

Dr. Sijie Chen was Assistant Professor at Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine between 2017 and 2023.

Dr. Sijie Chen


Dr. Sijie Chen received her BSc in Biology from Wuhan University in 2009 and PhD in Bioengineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2013, under the supervision of Prof Ben Zhong Tang. She worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in HKUST and then as an Endeavour Fellow in University of Melbourne and a visiting scientist in Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. She joined Prof Ana Teixeira’s group as a Postdoc in the Division of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics in Karolinska Institutet (KI) since late 2015.

Dr Chen was earlier working on fluorescent biosensors, fluorescence imaging and nanomaterials. She has published 55 scientific papers, more than ten of which were published after she joined MWLC and with the Centre’s support.



Dr. Sijie Chen's current research interests focus on the development of new luminescent materials and novel methods for studying the biological events, especially fluorescent tools for mechanobiology research.


Group Members

Previous lab members

  • Dr Hui Gao, 2017-2019; Ph.D., Queen Mary University of London, UK; before join KI: The University of Leeds. Recipient of Thousand Young Talents Program (2018). 2019-now, Professor, Beihang University. 
  • Dr Fei Li,  2017-2019, Co-supervised with Dr Linxian Li, MWLC, KI; Ph.D., Nanjing University, China. 2019-now, Associate Professor, China Pharmaceutical University.   
  • Dr Sheng Xie, 2017-2019; Ph.D., Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; before join KI: HKUST. Recipient of International Postdoc Grant (2018-2019). 2020-now, Professor, Hunan University. 
  • Ms Chloe Lee, Research Assistant, 2018-2020; MSc, The University of Manchester, UK. 2020.10-now, Research Associate, Lee's Pharm Genomics Lab Limited, Hong Kong
  • Dr Yupeng Shi, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2020; Ph.D., Sorbonne University, France; 2021-now, Research associate professor, Zhengzhou University.
  • Dr Mingyu Wu, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2018-2021.
  • Mr Miller Leung, Research Assistant, 2018-2021.
  • Ms Renee Chou, Research Assistant, 2019-2021.
  • Dr Blake Ho, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2019-2021.
  • Dr Steven Zhao, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2021-2023.
  • Mr Alex Wong, Research Assistant and PhD Student, 2017-2023.
  • Dr Quanzhi Yang, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2021-2023.
  • Dr Deshuang Tu, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2022-2023.
  • Mr Mingmin Zhang, Research Assistant, 2022-2023.
  • Dr Tianbing Ren, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2022-2023.
  • Dr Fei Wang, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2020-2023
  • Dr Chuen Kam, Research Officer, 2019-2023

Selected Publications

Full list: Google Scholar

Wu, M.-Y., Wong, A. Y. H., Leung, J.-K., Kam, C., Wu, K. L.-K., Chan, Y.-S., Liu, K., Ip, N. Y., & Chen, S. (2021). A near-infrared AIE fluorescent probe for myelin imaging: From sciatic nerve to the optically cleared brain tissue in 3D. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118 (45) e2106143118.

Wu, M.-Y., Gu, M., Leung, J.-K., Li, X., Yuan, Y., Shen, C., Wang, L., Zhao, E., & Chen, S. (2021). A Membrane-Targeting Photosensitizer with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Highly Efficient Photodynamic Combat of Human Coronaviruses. Small, 17(30), 2101770.

Ho, P.-Y., Lee, S.-Y., Kam, C., Zhu, J., Shan, G.-G., Hong, Y., Wong, W.-Y., & Chen, S., (2021). Fluorescence Imaging and Photodynamic Inactivation of Bacteria Based on Cationic Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes with Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties. Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2100706.

Zhao, E., Kam, C., Wu, M., Wang, E., Wang, J., Tang, B. Z., & Chen, S. (2021). An Aggregation-Induced Emission Optical Highlighter for the Studies of Endoplasmic Reticulum-Lipid Droplet Content Dynamics. CCS Chemistry.

Wu, M., Leung, J., Liu, L., Kam, C., Chan, K. Y. K., Li, R. A., Feng, S., & Chen, S. (2020). A Small‐Molecule AIE Chromosome Periphery Probe for Cytogenetic Studies. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59(26), 10327–10331.

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