Fredrik Lanner

Fredrik Lanner

Principal Researcher
Telephone: +46852483671
Visiting address: Hälsovägen, Enheten för obstetrik och gynekologi C1:77, 14181 Stockholm
Postal address: H9 Klinisk vetenskap, intervention och teknik, H9 CLT Obstetrik o gynekologi Lanner, 171 77 Stockholm


  • The Lanner lab aims to:
    1. Uncover the fundamental principles underlying how the first cell types established in the early human embryo from totipotent morula, to blastocyst, implantation and gastrulation. For this we are utilising embryo culture and stem cell based embryo models.

    2. Develop embryonic stem cell based strategies. We have establish a first
    clinically compliant good manufacturing practice (GMP) grade human embryonic
    stem cell line, KARO1.

    3. Treatment of Diabetes. We are actively working to establish methodology to efficiently produce glucose responsive pancreatic islets with correct cellular composition.

    4. Treatment of age-related macula degeneration (AMD). During collaborative agreement with St. Erik Eye Hospital and Novo Nordisk A/S we have
    manufacture hESC-RPE cells according to our developed protocol and performed preclinical toxicology and functionality testing. With support from The Erling Person foundation we are planning to perform first in human clinical trial aiming to treat AMD.

    5. Treatment of retinopathy we are now establishing efficient methods to establish photoreceptors to be transplanted alone or together with RPE cells.

    Current Lab members:
    Dr. Elisabeth Moussaud, Research Coordinator Lanner and Damdimopoulou labs
    Dr. Shivam Chandel, Postdoc. Developing insulin producing stem cell derived islets.
    Dr. Mathilde Bergamelli, Postdoc shared with Andres Salumets. Using blastoids to mimic embryo implantation biology.
    Dr. Jing Lyu, Postdoc performing epigenetic studies or early human embryos.
    Dr. Cheng Zhao, Research Specialist shared with Sophie Petropoulos. Bioinformatics in embryo and stem cell biology.
    Laura Baque Vidal, PhD student. Treatment of AMD with stem cell derived RPE cells.
    Sara Saietz, PhD student. Embryonic stem cell-based treatment of retinal degenerative disease
    Frederik Bär, PhD student. Individualized iPSC-based treatment of blindness

    *Past Lab members*
    Dr. Sophie Petroploulos, PI at KI and University of Montreal
    Dr. Sebastian Hildebrand, Postdoc. Now working at Tecan
    Dr. Liselotte Antonsson, Now working at Stockholm University
    Dr. Sarita Panula, Postdoc. Now working at Procella Therapeutics.
    Dr. Sandra Petrus-Reurer, PhD and Postdoc, now working at Cambridge University.
    Dr. Sara Padrell Sánchez, PhD student now Director of Business Development at Akron Biotech
    Dr. John Paul Schell. PhD and then Postdoc in Professor Ken Chiens laboratory, KI
    Dr. Paschalis Efstathopoulos, Industrial Postdoc now working as Research scientist at Novo Nordisk
    Dr. Leni Wagner, PhD and Postdoc.
    Dr. Alvaro Plaza Reyes, PhD and Postdoc. Currently working at CABIMER, Spain
    Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Postdoc. Currently working as Senior Scientist at Strand Life Sciences, Begaluru
    Dr. Nicholas Ortega-Linard, Postdoc. Currently working as Business Development Manager at Olink, Sweden
    Dr. Heather Main, ATMP Sweden
    Dr Jere Weltner, Postdoc. Currently at University of Helsinki
    Dr. Breniere-Letuffe, Postdoc
    Hazel Reilly, Currently PhD student at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
    Nerges Winblad, PhD student. Currently working at Karolinska University Hospital
    Mona Hedenskog, Previous lab manager, currently enjoying life.
    Nefeli Eirini Beri, Previous MSc student, Regulatory Affairs Postgraduate at Novartis
    Hugo Metzger, Previous Erasmus student
    Nashwan Jalal Markus, now working at the productive Unit Karolinska Hospital
    Haojiang Lu
    Philipp Schenk
    Angelos Gkikas
    Nariman Gharari


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  • Principal Researcher, Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, Karolinska Institutet, 2022-

Degrees and Education

  • Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institutet, 2008

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