Research centres

A research centre at Karolinska Institutet is a focused concentration in a certain scientific area, which is flexible in its organisation and limited in time. Research centres aim to create a dynamic collaboration across scientific areas, departments, and organisational boundaries in Sweden or internationally.

It is the Committee for Research that decides on the criteria for establishing, monitoring, and closing of research centres within KI or centres run by KI. Usually, it is also the committee that examines the application to establish a new research centre at KI. Regarding the formation of more comprehensive, strategic research centres in collaboration with other organisations, the decision is made by KI’s President. The Committee for Research may, however, be responsible for the administrative preparation of this decision on behalf of the President.  A research centre at KI can also be established through targeted funding from, for example, one of the national research councils.  

National and international centres at KI

Centres in collaboration with other stakeholders

Centres set up by targeted external funding

Centres within KI

Research networks at KI

KI has a number of research networks, which is a more loose collaboration form than a formal research centre. The puropse of these networks is to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration within each research area, regardless of location or organisational affiliation. The networks gather both preclinical and clinical researchers. Some of the networks are to a certain extent faculty funded, others are not. There are also regional and national networks that are coordinated by researchers at KI. 

A list of research networks