Research of Eye and Vision

As a leading research unit in the field of eye and vision, we conduct high-quality pre-clinical, clinical and translational research in order to make new discoveries to understand the principles behind the visual process and the mechanisms behind different types of eye diseases. The goal is to develop better treatment methods that ultimately preserve or restore vision.

Research close to healthcare

Our research environment is closely integrated with the clinical care at St. Erik's Eye Hospital and Karolinska University Hospital, which provides unique conditions for creating a flow of knowledge between basic research, clinical research and health care. Problems identified and issues raised in healthcare may form the basis for pre-clinical research and the development of new treatment methods can be quickly transferred back to and applied in healthcare in the form of good patient benefit.

Successful research

The department's research has resulted in 7 doctoral dissertations over the past five years, and our employees have published more than 150 scientific articles. Several of our researchers belong to the national and international top in the subject of eyes and sight and many are hired as speakers in various contexts.

Research areas

Physiological optics


Ocular Oncology and Pathology

Eye movements and vision


Division-affiliated researchers and phd students

Research group leader

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Rune Brautaset


Stefan Seregard

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Helder Andre

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Anders Kvanta

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Gustav Stålhammar

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Tony Pansell