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Committee for Doctoral Education at NVS

The Committee for doctoral education (FoUK) is lead by the Director of doctoral education. FoUK has 2-3 meetings each semester, and also serves as the admission board of postgraduate education at the department.

Doctoral education committee NVS

Erik Sundström

Director of doctoral education

Ulrica Nilsson

Deputy director of doctoral education

Catarina Cleveson

Doctoral education coordinator


Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Department Management, D3, Alfred Nobels Allé 23, Box 23400, 141 83 Huddinge

Members of the Committee for Doctoral Education

Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care

Ylva Skåner, e-mail:

Division of Occupational Therapy

Louise Nygård, e-mail:

Deputy: Camilla Malinowsky, e-mail:

Deputy: Staffan Josephsson, e-mail:

Division of Aging Research Center

Weili Xu, e-mail:

Deputy: Neda Agahi, e-mail:

Deputy: Grégoria Kalpouzos, e-mail:

Division of Clinical Geriatrics

Taher Darreh-Shori, e-mail: taher.darreh‑

Deputy: Johan Lökk, e-mail:

Deputy: Vesna Jelic, e-mail:

Division of Neurogeriatrics

Sophia Schedin Weiss, e-mail:

Deputy: Maria Lindskog, e-mail:

Deputy: Per Nilsson, e-mail:

Division of Nursing

Lena-Marie Petersson, e-mail:

Deputy: Anne-Marie Boström, e-mail: anne‑

Division of Physiotherapy

Charlotte Ytterberg, e-mail:

Deputy: Carina Boström, e-mail:

Doctoral Student Representative

Roman Kuster, e-mail:

Nathalie Frisendahl, e-mail: