Admission to doctoral education at NVS

A summary of the admission process can be found on the KI web-site.

  1. Application to establish a PhD position, and aquire Green Light approval
  2. Recruitment
  3. Application and decision to admit a PhD student
  4. Establish an individual study plan (with ISP seminar)

1. Establish a PhD position at NVS

The application for the establishment of a doctoral position is managed through a special establishment meeting. The prospective principal supervisor applying for the position must  attend the meeting, preferably with one or several co-supervisors. During the meeting, the content of the application is discussed with a group of members from the department's research education committee (FoUK). The meeting takes c. 30 minutes. The committee's feedback is sent to the prospective principal supervisor within a week of the meeting.

Please note that the financial plan and the applications for Green Light approval which are attached to the application to establish a PhD position must be signed by the prospective supervisor and the head of the division. Any additional persons responsible for the funding should also sign the financial plan. The head of the division also needs to sign his/her endorsement on the establishment form (page 1).

Applications are sent to the coordinator for doctoral education at the NVS department.

An approved application is valid for a year.

Application for Green Light approval to apply for funding from the KID-, KI-NIH- or Doctoral School in Health Sciences-programs

You apply for Green Light by submitting the Green Light approval form signed by you as prospective principal supervisor and the division head, to the NVS coordinator for doctoral education

If you are granted with funding from KID, KI-NIH or the Doctoral School in Health Sciences you have to apply to establish a PhD position

You can send your application to

Doctoral education project for applications from CSC

The agreement between KI and CSC (China Scholarship Council) is currently under negotiation. You can read more about the KI-CSC programme here.

2. Recruitment

For information about the recruitment process at NVS, contact our HR department. Information about recruitment is also found on KI:s web page.

3. Admission decision

After an approved establishment of doctoral position and a completed recruitment process the form Decision of admission to doctoral education with mandatory attachments is sent in original to Heli Vänskä.

Normally the start date for the doctoral student's studies is the same as the date of the head of department's decision. If a later start date is preferred information about this agreed start date must be attached to the application.

NB! The PhD student should sign the application by hand and you can send the original signature to Heli Vänskä.

A copy of identity card

We need a copy of the applying doctoral student's passport or a valid Swedish identification card. The copy must be verified and signed by the main supervisor.

4. ISP and ISP seminar

Within one month from the start of studies a draft of the individual studyplan (ISP) should be registered in the digital ISP-system (eISP). You don't forward it to the director of doctoral education until after the ISP seminar. Information about the eISP-system and a user guide are found on KI's web page. Note that the main supervisor must start the study plan in the system. The one who starts the plan automatically becomes the main supervisor in the system and this cannot be undone. It is important that the doctoral student and the main supervisor inform about any considerable changes that have been made to the project plan since the decision of establishment of a doctoral position, and what changes that have been made. Use the message log in the system for this type of information.

The main supervisor is responsible for arranging an ISP-seminar at the division. The division's FoUK-representative must attend (an invitation, with cc to Heli Vänskä, should be sent out at least two weeks before the seminar), and if possible, also the second FoUK-representative involved in the admission process (Heli Vänskä will inform you who this FoUK-representative is). The seminar is to be held in English and should be open for at least all members of the division. For further information on how your division is arranging the seminars, contact your division's FoUK-representative.


  • The FoUK-representative starts the seminar by giving a short presentation about KI, NVS and the division.
  •  Supervisors and the doctoral student present themselves (with focus on the doctoral student's presentation).
  • A presentation of the research project and an overall view of the research education according to the individual studyplan (ISP).
  • Through discussion the FoUK-representatives and the seminar participants may contribute with good advice, for the main supervisor and the doctoral student to consider after the seminar.

According to KI's instructions no actual critical review of the research plan should be made during the seminar, because such a critical review was made before establishment of the doctoral position.

After the ISP seminar

  • The main supervisor and the doctoral student make sure that the individual study plan is filled out completely and that all mandatory attachments are uploaded in the system. If any considerable changes have been made to the project plan you must inform us which these changes are. Use the message log in the system. Don't forget to fill in the date of the conducted ISP seminar.
  • The student and the main supervisor forward the ISP to the director of doctoral education in good time before the deadline. All doctoral students are to have their ISP approved within three months of the commencement of studies.

If you have questions regarding the admission process at NVS, please contact:

Heli Vänskä
Coordinator of doctoral education at NVS
Phone: 08-524 868 32

Heli Vänskä