Professors at NVS

Professors' Inauguration in Aula Medica on October 15th 2020
Professors' Inauguration in Aula Medica on October 15, 2020. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

KI professors

Maria Ankarcrona, Experimental Neurogeriatrics
Professor presentation: The role of mitochondria in Alzheimer’s disease

Eling de Bruin, Physiotherapy
Professor presentation: Computer games help elderly stay fit

Lars Bäckman, Geriatric Psychology
Professor presentation: Professor Lars Bäckman

Angel Cedazo Minguez, Molecular Neurogeriatrics
Professor presentation: Seeking new ways to diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s at an early stage

Azita Emami, Nursing
Professor presentation:

Johan Fastbom, Geriatric Pharmacology
Professor presentationProfessor Johan Fastbom

Johan Fritzell, Social Gerontology
Professor presentationThe ageing society is a challenge

Susanne Guidetti, Occupational Therapy
Professor presentationRehabilitation on the patient’s terms

Staffan Josephsson, Occupational Therapy
Professor presentationProfessor Staffan Johsephsson

Ann Langius-Eklöf, Nursing
Professor presentation: Professor Ann Langius-Eklöf

Martin Lövdén, Cognitive Neuroscience, with focus on ageing
Professor presentation: How can we stay sharp in our old age?

Louise Nygård, Occupational Therapy
Professor presentation: Professor Louise Nygård

Eric Westman, Neurogeriatrics
Professor presentationSeeking mechanisms behind neurodegenerative disorders

Johan Ärnlöv, Family Medicine
Professor presentationLetar biomarkörer som kan avslöja njursjukdom i tidigt stadium

KI professors with combined clinical positions

Maria Eriksdotter, Geriatrics/Senior physician
Professor presentationProfessor Maria Eriksdotter

Erika Franzén, Physiotherapy/Physical therapist
Professor presentationChallenging exercises effective for Parkinson’s

Caroline Graff, Genetic Dementia Research/Specialist physician
Professor presentationProfessor Caroline Graff

Maria Hagströmer, Physiotherapy/Physical therapist
Professor presentation: Understanding and using physical activity for health

Miia Kivipelto, Clinical Geriatric Epidemiology/Specialist physician
Professor presentationProfessor Miia Kivipelto

Gunnar Nilsson, Family Medicine/District medical officer
Professor presentation: Professor Gunnar Nilsson

Ulrica Nilsson, Nursing/Nurse
Professor presentation: Developing e-health for improved care

Christina H. Opava, Physiotherapy/Physical therapist
Professor presentation: Professor Christina H. Opava

Dorota Religa, Geriatrics/Senior physician
Professor presentation

Yvonne Wengström, Nursing/Nurse
Professor presentationImproving the well-being in dialogue with the patients

KI professors, senior

Lena Borell, Occupational Therapy
Professor presentationProfessor Lena Borell

Laura Fratiglioni, Medical Epidemiology
Professor presentationProfessor Laura Fratiglioni

Lena von Koch, Healthcare Research
Professor presentation: Professor Lena von Koch

Lena Nilsson-Wikmar, Physiotherapy specialising in Education
Professor presentationHow teaching methods can be developed to improve student learning

Agneta Nordberg, Clinical Neuroscience
Professor presentation: Professor Agneta Nordberg

Marianne Schultzberg, Clinical Neuroscience
Professor presentation: Professor Marianne Schultzberg

Lars-Olof Wahlund, Geriatrics
Professor presentation: Professor Lars-Olof Wahlund

Bengt Winblad, Geriatrics
Professor presentation: Professor Bengt Winblad

Per Wändell, Family Medicine
Professor presentation: Professor Per Wändell

Adjunct professors and Visiting professors

Adjunct professors

Kerstin Fugl-Meyer, Social Work

Lena Törnkvist, Clinical primary care and nursing

Visiting professors

Mika Gissler, Family Medicine

Pieter Jelle Visser, Neurogeriatrics