Portrait of Professor Ann Langius-Eklöf

Ann Langius-Eklöf - Professor of Nursing, especially the Development of Education at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society.

Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

Ann Langius-Eklöf gained her degree in nursing at St Erik's nursing college in Stockholm in 1978. She gained her PhD in 1995 at Karolinska Institutet.

Between 1996 and 2000 she did her postdoc at the Department of Medicine at KI. In 2001 she became an associate professor of nursing at the Department of nursing, and from 2000 to 2004 she worked as a director of research at Recepta AB.

From 2001 to 2007 she was an adjunct senior lecturer at the department of nursing at KI, and during the period 2004-2007 she was a senior lecturer with responsibility for research at the Red Cross nursing college in Stockholm.

From 2001 to 2010 she was a scientific member of Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation's healthcare science committee. During the period 2008-2010 she was a member of the medical faculty at Örebro University (vice dean 2010) and a member of the research and education committee at the University of Skövde. Between 2007 and 2010 she was professor of healthcare science at the School of Health and Medical Sciences at Örebro University.

Ann Langius-Eklöf was appointed professor of nursing, especially the development of education at Karolinska Institutet in 2010.

Research area

Quality of life is viewed differently by different people with the same medical situations. Many individual factors are involved, and one of the most important is the person's ability to cope with stressful situations, referred to as the 'sense of coherence' (SOC). This concept reflects the person's attitude as regards how comprehensible, manageable and meaningful his or her life seems.

Ann Langius-Eklöf's research studies how the patient's perspective can be utilised in direct care operations, for example, using modern information technology.

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