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Research groups MedS

Research group Research area/ Division
Maria Bradley Dermatology and venereology- Head of Division
Enikö Sonkoly Dermatology and venereology
Ning Xu Landén Dermatology and venereology
Olle Kämpe Experimentell endokrinologi - Head of Division
Anna Färnert Infectious Diseases - Head of Division
Adnane Achour infectious Diseases
Kristina Broliden infectious Diseases - Head of Department
Asghar Muhammad infectious Diseases
Therese Djärv Clinical Medicine - Head of Division
Peter Thelin Schmidt Clinical Medicine
Dawei Xu Clinical Medicine
John Pernow Cardiology- Head of Division
Francesco Cosentiono Cardiology
Lars Lund Cardiology
Per Eriksson Cardiovaskular Medicine - Head of Division
Peder Olofsson Cardiovaskular Medicine
Lars Maegdefessel Cardiovaskular Medicine
Roland Nilsson Cardiovaskular Medicine
Johan Askling Clinical Epidemiology - Head of Division
Karin Ekström Smedby Clinical Epidemiology
Michael Fored Clinical Epidemiology
Helle Kieler Clinical Epidemiology
Pierre Lafolie Clinical Epidemiology
Olof Stephansson Clinical Epidemiology
Gunnar Nilsson Immunologi & Allergi - Head of Division
Susanne Gabrielsson Immunologi & Allergi
Karin Loré Immunologi & Allergi
Anna Smed Sörensen Immunologi & Allergi
Eduardo Villablanca Immunologi & Allergi
Anca Catrina Rheumatology- Head of Division
Marie Wahren-Herlenius Rheumatology - Assistant Head of Division
Liv Eidsmo Rheumatology
Helena Erlandsson Harris Rheumatology
Per-Joan Jakobsson Rheumatology
Lars Klareskog Rheumatology
Vivianne Malmström Rheumatology
Elisabet Svennungsson Rheumatology
Johan Grunewald Respiratory Medicine - Head of Division
Magnus Sköld Respiratory Medicine
Åsa Wheelock Respiratory Medicine
Cecilia Söderberg Nauclér Mikrobial Patogenesis - Head of Division
Jesper Tegnér Computational Medicine - Head of Division