Infectious Diseases

The Division of Infectious Diseases conducts clinical, epidemiological and experimental research in a wide range of infections. We study tuberculosis, HIV, COVID-19, sepsis and other bacterial and healthcare associated infections, tropical infections with a focus on malaria, as well as basic immunology. The aim is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of infections and contribute to the development of vaccines and other preventive measures.

Our research and education takes place in close collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital and other healthcare units within Region Stockholm, which enables translational research in our experimental environments at BioClinicum and SciLifeLab. We also have several projects and collaborations in other parts of the world where some infections are more common.

Our research

Research group Adnane Achour: Structural and Biophysical Immunology.

Research group Kristina Broliden: Identifying molecular signals in the genital mucosa that determine susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections.

Research group Anna Färnert: Global infections.
- Team Christopher Sundling: Inflammation and immune regulation during infection.

Research group Pontus Nauclér: Targeted antibiotic therapy of patients with severe infections to improve clinical impact and reduce resistance.

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Contact the division

Organizational affiliation: Infectious Diseases is a division at the Department of Medicine, Solna (MedS).

Administrative support: If you are employed at, affiliated with, or have a case linked to the division, please contact the division's administrators.

Visiting address: Karolinska University Hospital Solna, Infectious Disease Clinic, NB6:02.

Anna Färnert

Head of division, professor, senior physician

Sahra Bunner

Division administrator
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