Team Per-Johan Jakobsson

We aim to explore targets and pathways in rheumatic and related diseases driven by inflammation using a pharmacological approach.

Translational inflammation research

We focus on the arachidonic acid cascade and the development of mPGES-1 inhibitors. We also investigate biomarkers in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic autoimmune inflammatory diseases and investigate e.g. the pathophysiological role of associated antigens and autoantibodies. Analytically, we e.g. perform proteomics, lipid metabolomics and cytokine profiling.

Ongoing collaboration with Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine

There is growing interest in society and in the scientific community to decipher the mechanisms of action of plant-based traditional Chinese medicine using evidence-
based research methods. For this, we have established a research project called Joint Research Base for Chinese Medicine (JRBCM) at KI. The overall aim of JRBCM is to explore Chinese traditional herbal-based medicine as a source for evidence based drug discovery and development. The JRBCM will assess the large amount of existing clinical data and explore the vast and unique resource of Chinese traditional medicine, with the ultimate aim of drug discovery and drug development for clinical use. The research is focused on isolation of bioactive compounds, exploration of their modes of action alone or in combinations, and ultimately development of novel medication for the treatment of and possibly prevention of rheumatoid arthritis.


Team Jakobsson and Sundström summer in the park.
Photo of team Jakobsson and Sundström. Back row from left: Louisa Brieskorn, Iro Chaitoglou, Sabreen Alabbasi, Marina Korotkova, Franziska Wrobel, Erdem Aybay, Helena Idborg, Oliver Arnolds, Kang-Cheng Liu, Karin Larsson, Per-Johan Jakobsson, Kristina Edfeldt, Liyan Mei, Michael Sundström, Jinjing Jia, Sanjay Boddul, Jianyang Liu Sitting: Opher Gileadi, Louise Berg, Mingmei Shang Photo: Louisa Brieskorn.
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Per-Johan Jakobsson

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