Research groups and Team leaders at MedS


Division of Cardiology

Research group Francesco Cosentino: Molecular cardiology.

Research group Lars Lund: Heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction. Clinical and translational aspects

-Team Savarese

Research group John Pernow: Endothelial dysfunction in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

- Lars Rydén: Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cecilia Linde: Heart failure: device research.

Mai-Lis Hellénius: Cardiovascular prevention (focusing lifestyle).

Clinical Epidemiology

Division of Clinical Epidemiology (KEP)

Research group Johan Askling: Chronic Inflammatory Diseases.

- Team Elizabeth Arkema: Epidemiology of sarcoidosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.
- Team Johan Askling: Inflammatory arthritis team.
- Team Thomas Frisell: Clinical epidemiology of multiple sclerosis and inflammatory joint diseases.
- Team Marie Holmqvist: Rheumatic systemic diseases.
- Team Björn Pasternak: Pharmaco-epidemiology.

Research group Gustaf Edgren

Research group Karin Ekström Smedby: Clinical Cancer Epidemiology.

- Team Sandra Eloranta: Late effects and cancer survivorship after diagnosis and treatment of aggressive lymphoma.

Research group Michael Fored

Research group Rickard Malmström: Clinical Pharmacology.

Research group Ola Olén: Inflammatory bowel diseases.

Research group Olof Stephansson: Reproductive, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology.

- Team Neda Razaz: The long-term consequence of maternal and neonatal morbidity. 

Immunology and Allergy

Division of Immunology and Allergy

Research group Susanne Gabrielsson: Extracellular Vesicles in cancer and lung diseases.

Research group Karin Loré: Understanding mechanisms of vaccination.

-Team Kreslavskiy

Research group Gunnar Nilsson: Mast Cell Biology.

-Team Dahlin

Research group Anna Smed Sörensen: Respiratory and systemic immune responses in human pulmonary viral infection and inflammation.

Research group Eduardo Villablanca: Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

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