Research group leaders at MedS

List of research group leaders
Killian Eyerich Dermatology and venereology
Maria Bradley Dermatology and venereology
Enikö Sonkoly Dermatology and venereology
Ning Xu Landén Dermatology and venereology
Jakob Wikström Dermatology and venereology
Olle Kämpe Experimentell endokrinologi - Head of Division
Anna Färnert infectious Diseases - Head of Division
Adnane Achour infectious Diseases
Kristina Broliden infectious Diseases
Therese Djärv Clinical Medicine - Head of Division
Charlotte Hedin Clinical Medicine
Dawei Xu Clinical Medicine
John Pernow Cardiology- Head of Division
Lars Lund Cardiology
Francesco Cosentino Cardiology
Peder Olofsson Cardiovascular Medicine - Head of Division
Stephen Malin Cardiovascular Medicine
Roland Nilsson Cardiovascular Medicine
Johan Askling Clinical Epidemiology - Head of Division
Karin Ekström Smedby Clinical Epidemiology
Michael Fored Clinical Epidemiology
Gustaf Edgren Clinical Epidemiology
Helle Kieler Clinical Epidemiology
Olof Stephansson Clinical Epidemiology
Rickard Malmström Clinical Epidemiology
Gunnar Nilsson Immunologi & Allergi - Head of Division
Susanne Gabrielsson Immunologi & Allergi
Karin Loré Immunologi & Allergi
Anna Smed Sörensen Immunologi & Allergi
Eduardo Villablanca Immunologi & Allergi
Per-Johan Jakobsson Rheumatology - Head of Division
Marie Wahren-Herlenius Rheumatology - Head of Department
Helena Erlandsson Harris Rheumatology
Liv Eidsmo Rheumatology
Lars Klareskog Rheumatology
Elisabet Svennungsson Rheumatology
Vivianne Malmström Rheumatology
Carmen Gerlach Rheumatology
Johan Grunewald Respiratory Medicine - Head of Division
Magnus Sköld Respiratory Medicine
Åsa Wheelock Respiratory Medicine
Cecilia Söderberg Nauclér Mikrobial Patogenesis - Head of Division