Karolinska Institutet Psychology Speaker Series - Daniel Kahneman

The KI Psychology Speaker Series at Nobel Forum features some of the most influential researchers of today in the realms of mind, brain and behavior. The speaker series is hosted by the Division of Psychology at Karolinska Institutet.

A Conversation with Daniel Kahneman

The event features a live conversation between Daniel Kahneman and Bo Melin (Prof. of Psychology, Karolinska Institutet) and Annika Wallin (Prof. of Cognitive Science, Lund University).

Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman Foto: Audra Melton

Daniel Kahneman is Prof. of Psychology and Public Affairs Emeritus at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, the Eugene Higgins Prof. of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University, and a fellow of the Center for Rationality at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Daniel Kahneman laid the foundation for a new field of research by integrating insights from psychological science and economics, with a focus on human judgment and decision-making. For these contributions, he was awarded Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 2002.

He has authored several influential books, such as Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011) and most recently Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment (together with Sibony and Sunstein, (2021).

Previous speakers at The KI Psychology Speaker Series at Nobel Forum - 

  • Professor Frans de Waal, Professor Emeritus, Emory University and Utrecht University
  • Professor May-Britt Moser, Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, Trondheim, Norway
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