School program

StratRegen supports the school program "Editor Schwartz Research Journey" co-developed and co-organized with the foundation Berättarministeriet (Storytelling Ministry).

The school program immerses children in the world of science, where they refine problem-solving skills and, as imaginative experts, spend a day at KI generating innovative ideas for groundbreaking research in medicine. Approximately 200 children, aged 10-11, participate annually. Researchers involved in the program represent diverse departments at KI, creating a dynamic and engaging learning experience for the young participants.

This partnership involves schools, Berättarministeriet, and KI, focusing specifically on schools in areas with a high socioeconomic index. The schools have classes and teachers that participate in the program, Berättarministeriet has the necessary expertise and school contacts, and KI has the expertise on research and higher education, provided by volunteer researchers and doctoral students. 



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