Outreach room

StratRegen supports the collaborative space at Biomedicum known as "Allmänhetens möteslokal" This versatile room serves as a hub for educational and outreach activities across KI departments.

One of its goals is to simplify and lower the thresholds for researchers and doctoral students to engage in outreach activities. The physical platform offers an intuitive and easy-to-use base, allowing researchers, course givers, or doctoral students to adapt and fill the space with their specific research interests without reinventing the wheel on practical issues.

Equipped with a large screen for presentations and basic laboratory benches for practical experiments, the outreach room provides a hands-on setting. StratRegen's financial support has enriched the space with essential instrumentation and anatomical models, creating interactive stations for discussions on various facets of medical research with diverse audiences—children, teenagers, adults, retirees, and patient organizations.

Outreach room
Outreach room Photo: Daniel Holl
Outreach room
Students lab bench in the outreach room Photo: Daniel Holl
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