BRECT - Breast Cancer Theme Center

The breast cancer theme center aims to increase our understanding of critical steps in breast cancer development and therapy. The research span from basic studies using cell lines, animal models and patient biopsies, to prospective clinical studies and clinical trials, with the ultimate goal to improve breast cancer therapy and disease outcome.

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Specifically, the center aims at obtaining new mechanistic insight into the regulation of breast cancer progression in preclinical breast cancer models and in patients. Focus is on key signaling pathways in breast cancer cells, such as Hedgehog, Notch and PAK4, signalling in tumour stromal cells, as well as signalling between the cancer cell and stromal compartments.

The translational part of our program will explore markers and mechanisms of breast cancer development, progression and invasion in animal models, and validate these findings in human breast cancer biopsies. The processes involved in loco-regional breast cancer relapse and systemic metastatic establishment, including the analysis of circulating tumour cells, is investigated in animal models, as well as from retrospective and prospectively collected biopsies from breast cancer patients.

The center focus on different facets of tumour cell migration, tumour stroma including angiogenesis, and factors involved in tumour progression, and analyze their importance for prognostication and therapy prediction. Targeted and tailored therapy applications will be prospectively investigated based on our identification of putative drug targets.

Collaborative publications

BRECT collaborative publications 2010-2020

Management and contacts

Professor Staffan Strömblad (Director)

Associate professor Linda Lindström (Co-director)

Associate professor Theodoros Foukakis (Co-director)

Helen Eriksson (Administrator)

Group leaders

Jonas Bergh

Professor/senior physician

Jan Frisell


Per Hall

Professor/senior physician

Arne Östman


Leander Blaas

Assistant professor

Theodoros Foukakis

Senior lecturer/senior physician

Irma Fredriksson

Affiliated to research

Nick Tobin


Johan Hartman

Professor/assistant senior physician