BRECT - Breast Cancer Theme Center

The Breast Cancer Theme Center (BRECT) provides a platform for interactions and collaborations in breast cancer research at Karolinska Institutet. BRECT is open for all researchers at KI within the breast cancer field.

BRECT group picture

We aim to increase our understanding of critical steps in breast cancer development and therapy. The research span from basic studies using cell lines, animal models and patient biopsies, to prospective clinical studies and clinical trials, with the ultimate goal to improve breast cancer therapy and disease outcome.

To provide education and networking in breast cancer research, BRECT regularly organizes retreats, mini-symposia and seminars with a mix of invited internationally leading researchers and presentations from researchers at KI.

Collaborative publications

BRECT collaborative publications 2010-2020

Management and contacts

Professor Staffan Strömblad (Director)

Associate professor Linda Lindström (Co-director)

Associate professor Theodoros Foukakis (Co-director)

Tânia Costa (Scientific coordinator)

Helen Eriksson (Administrator)

BRECT Steering Committee

Linda Lindström

Principal researcher

Theodoros Foukakis

Senior lecturer/senior physician

Irma Fredriksson

Affiliated to research

Charlotte Rolny

Principal researcher

Nick Tobin


Johan Hartman

Professor/senior physician