Division of Pathology

Pathology is the study of diseases at the levels of organs, tissues, cells and molecules.

Pathology integrates subjects such as anatomy, histology, physiology, immunology and cell-and molecular biology to understand causes and mechanisms for development and progression of various disease conditions. The subject is subsequently cross-boundary in its character, and uses established and modern methods in approaching problems in the areas of cancer, inflammatory and immunological conditions as well as certain degenerative diseases. Research in pathology is closely linked to the clinical diagnostic services in clinical pathology and cytology, which are part of laboratory medicine. The clinical samples are extensively used for research purposes, and an increasing number of samples are stored in biobanks for future analyses. Teaching in pathology is provided both at the basic and advanced undergraduate levels, and occupies a central position in education to physicians and dentists. Pathology is also taught for students in biomedicine, nursing and biomedical laboratory science. Besides being an important subject in research education for graduate students, competence in pathology is often requested in clinical research studies, making academic and clinical pathologists a suitable collaborative partner.

Research groups

Mikael Björnstedt research group

Jonas Fuxe research group

Anders Mutvei research group

Birgitta Sander & Birger Christensson's research group

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Group – Dhifaf Sarhan

Margaret Sällberg Chen research group

Jaakko Patrakka's research group

Sara Windahl's research group


Teaching and training

Teaching in pathology takes place at both basic and advanced level, and is a core subject in the medical and dental programs. Pathology is also taught in the biomedicine, nursing and biomedical analyst programs. In addition to being an important subject in graduate education, pathological expertise is often in demand in clinical doctoral projects, where academic and clinical pathologists work as collaborators.

Head of Division

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Dhifaf Sarhan

Head of division

Education and teaching responsible

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Sara Windahl

Education and teaching responsible

Division coordinator

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Pernilla Tjärnström

Division Coordinator

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