Global Child Health and Sustainable Development Goals team

The aim of the Global Child health and SDGs group is to generate knowledge in order to improve health and equity for children of all ages and to improve the quality of care for children throughout the world. The subgroup is part of the research group Health Systems and Policy.

The research of the subgroup aligns to the Health Systems and Policy group's vision to achieve health and equity in an interdependent world by improving health systems and policies. The group focus on child health through an SDG lens. Our research strives to be multidisciplinary and drive evidence-informed policy making.

Key foci of our work are on identifying and addressing bottlenecks within the health system to make the most essential care available to the most vulnerable.

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Global Child Health and Sustainable Development Goals team brochure

Information material about the team

This brochure tells information about our team, research aims and collaborations. It also presents researchers, doctoral students, the different groups and research projects in our team. 

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Team leader

Tobias Alfvén

Senior lecturer/specialist physician
K9 Department of Global Public Health