Educational committee at GPH

The educational committee is responsible for education at undergraduate and advanced level at the department.



  • Monday 5 February 13.00-15.00
  • Tuesday 7 March 13.00-15.00
  • Tuesday 14 May  9.30-11.30
  • Wednesday 18 September 13.00-15.00 
  • Thursday 17 October 13.00-15.00
  • Tuesday 5 November 9.30-11.30

Committee members


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Helle Mölsted Alvesson

Senior Research Specialist

Vice-chairman, programme director Master's Programme in Global Health:

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Martin Gerdin Wärnberg

Principal Researcher

Programme director Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences:

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Jette Möller

Senior Lecturer

Programme director Master Programme in Public Health in Disasters:

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Anneli Eriksson

Research Specialist

Faculty representatives:

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Tobias Alfvén

Professor/Specialist Physician
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Renee Gardner

Principal Researcher
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Ann Liljas

Assistant Professor
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Nina Viberg

Project Coordinator

Representatives from other departments at KI:

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Elizabeth Arkema

Principal Researcher
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Niklas Zethraeus

Principal Researcher

Student representatives:

Marc Sánchez Benito

Student representative

Jubayer Mumin

Student representative

Maria Emanuela Noto

Student representative

Responsible for internationalisation in education:

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Claudia Hanson

Senior Lecturer


Andreas Lundin

Affiliated to Research

Other members:

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Carla Sturm


Educational committee coordinator:

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Lena Björk

Educational Administrator


Find meeting protocols from the committee's previous meetings. Please note that the protocols only are available in Swedish. 


For questions to the educational committee or access to earlier protocols, please contact


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