Psychosocial support at GPH

This page lists whom to contact at the Department of Global Public Health if you need support during your work, studies or vacation.

Applies to employees and scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral students

Occupational Health Services at KI

Avonova is the current occupational health care provider for KI which offers preventive and rehabilitative occupational health services. If you are an employee or a scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral student, you can turn to Avonova in the event of any work-related health issue.

Telephone counseling around the clock, 0200-21 63 00

Telephone counseling is offered to all employees, scholarship-financed doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows at KI, for quick access to professional help.

The service covers both work-related and private issues (psychosocial issues, law or personal finance, etc.). This can concern, for example, family law, agreements on housing, the social climate in the workplace, addiction problems, personal crises.

It is possible to have up to three calls with a specialist per case /situation.

This service is provided by Falck Healthcare.

Applies to students (incl. PhD students)

Student Wellbeing Centre

Student Wellbeing Centre is a great place to start if you are not feeling well or in need of support.  For students (incl. PhD students) at Karolinska Institutet in the event of any study-related health issue.

Applies to all

In an emergency

If you are on-campus please contact security guards. KI has security guards on campus around the clock, who can be contacted if something feels insecure, threatening or that deviates from normal.

The guards can be reached by phone, Campus Solna: 08-524 864 29.

In case of emergency, call SOS Alarm: 112.

Tips for well-being

Health Promotion

Sometimes all that is needed is a regular practice – whether physical or mental. KI’s Health Promotion team offers live streaming classes almost every day for your physical as well as mental health and well-being, such as yoga, mindfulness, active break, HIIT etc. Please see a description of the classesOn the 'Live streaming classes' section, you can find links to Zooms and an updated schedule for the week.

Contact information at the department of Global Public Health

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Therese Lind

Head of administration at GPH
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Emilie Agardh

Director of Doctoral Education at GPH
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Marie Hasselberg

Head of the department at GPH

Here you can see a complete list of contact information to the Administrative staff at GPH.

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