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Stockholm Public Health Lectures are open popular science lectures held by leading experts within public health. The lecture series is presented by the Department of Global Public Health together with the Center of Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Region Stockholm.

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The lecture series focuses on key topics in the area of public health, as well as issues that concern the planning and commissioning of healthcare. Stockholm Public Health Lectures is held twice per semester.

The events are held in English, free to attend and targeted to a broad audience. After each lecture a reception with snacks and soft drinks follows open for all participants.

Upcoming lectures

Stockholm Public Health Lectures is held twice per semester. See upcoming lectures in the calendar list. When the list is empty, no upcoming lectures are advertised.


19 March: Stockholm Public Health Lectures: The concurrent increase in violence and psychological distress in youth 


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Lectures from 2023:

5 December: Public Health in a time of population aging, What do we know about the health of the oldest old?


Lectures from 2022:

May:Stockholm Public Health Lectures: Agenda for reducing cannabis use and crime in Stockholm County - Rosaria Galanti, Sven Granath, Vania Ceccato, Pia Kvillemo, Jan Jönsson och Johan Franck.


Lectures from 2021: 

October: From policy to evidence – catching up with the rapid implementation of COVID-19 response measures - Jacob Burns, Lisa Askie and panel discussion between Jacob Burns, Lisa Askie, Anders Tegnell and Ole Petter Ottersen.


Lectures from 2020: 


Watch the lectures from 2019:


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