PhD alumnus Kristian Neovius tackles self-employment and freelancing

​​​​​​​Name: Kristian Neovius
Degree: PhD at the Department for Public Health Sciences (2012)
Current role: Self employed, freelance consultant within health economics

Alumnus Kristian Neovius

Why did you choose KI?

After my Masters in biology I was offered a position as a doctoral student at KI. It felt great to become a part of KI, one of the big players, not only in Sweden but internationally.

You are self-employed and working as a consultant today, how did you choose that path?

I started my own business during my time as a doctoral student and I chose to continue on that path when I graduated. My niche is simulation models for health economic analysis. These calculations are in demand among industry, authorities and research groups. The best thing about my job is that I am free to shape my work-life the way I want. I cannot complain about anything and I cannot blame anyone else. I can analyze the situation and make improvements. As a freelance consultant you also get to work in a very inspiring environment with creative and driven people, both clients and colleagues. I also teach in the Master's Programmes in Global Health and in Public Health Sciences, as well as research schools at KI. I also mentor two doctoral students as well as rising stars.

How has your KI connection helped you in your career?

KI has a strong reputation and it is my experience that a degree from KI is met with respect and appreciation everywhere. It is not so important what exactly you have done at KI, but rather that KI is a quality seal in itself.

What advice do you have for PhD students?

First and foremost, see your time as a PhD student as an education. The most important thing during this period is developing your skills in scientific research. A bad project, bad data or a busy supervisor can actually be an advantage in your life after your PhD, as long as you are forced to fight with this and learn along the way, even if it feels disappointing to not get published in renowned publications or get distinctions during your doctoral studies.