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Lawrence Vandervoort

DEGREE: Master's in Public Health - epidemiology, 2016

CURRENT ROLE : Public health intelligence and information officer/ data analyst with the London Borough of Islington

After you graduated from KI, what was your next step and how did you find this opportunity?

I continued my thesis work for Folkhälsomyndigheten (FOHM). The opportunity was offered by my supervisor at FOHM. When I moved to London, I started applying for jobs with the NHS and local authorities throughout London.

Describe a day on the job in your current role.

As PH intelligence officer, days do vary extensively and, with experience, projects change in scope and responsibility. Currently my days consist checking data cleaning and validating a golden record resident database. This supports various projects around identifying health needs of residents with complex needs.

What is your advice to students at KI who are about to graduate?

Make use of the various organisations beyond KI for your thesis. For them it is free work and for you it’s the start of a portfolio, something which can be described as work experience and a network.

Interview and correspondence thanks to Jing Wu, current Master's student in PHS.