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3 Questions with Suvanya Naidu

Suvanya Naidu

KI Alumna: Suvanya Naidu

Degree: Master's in Global Health (2015)

Current profession: Speech-Language Therapist (sv. logoped) at Lifehealthcare

Home: Durban, South Africa

Why did you choose KI?

KI is a very international university that has a strong inter-disciplinary research focus that appealed to me. The international presence in my Global Health programme was amazing, which guaranteed stimulating and thought-provoking discussions. The environment is professional and the lecturers were dedicated. My best memory was having the opportunity to attend a lecture by Hans Rosling, an extraordinary personality with immense passion and a creative ability to explain global statistics simply.

What career path have you taken following graduation from KI?

“Ageing” is an area that I find fascinating. My Master's research at KI was based on the topic of ageing in South Africa. Since completing my studies at KI, I have returned to my home country of South Africa and have worked within my professional field of speech-language therapy at an acute neurological rehabilitation unit. I will soon start a PhD within the field of ageing and society.

You recently held a research-related public event in South Africa on the topic "The Future of Food". What was this initiative about?

I realized that I have a passion for sharing relevant scientific research with the general public. My future goal is to hold research-related public events in South Africa pertaining mainly to health and quality of life. As a recipient of a Swedish Insitute scholarship to study at KI, I now belong to the Swedish Institute Alumni Network, which offers opportunities to revisit Stockholm for events, and can provide funding for various global initiatives. In December of 2016, I attended the Nobel Week Dialogues in Stockholm, which featured the topic of The Future of Food - your Plate, our Planet. Based on this theme, I received financial support from the Swedish Institute to hold my first event in South Africa on 5 August 2017. It was a dynamic event that hosted a variety of speakers with broad backgrounds ranging from Food Security, Diet, Health & Sustainability, Meat Regulation and Antimicrobial Resistance to Yogic Farming and a Meditation Commentary on Mindful Eating.

The event was filmed and can be found here >>

Photo: Recently, Suvanya hosted a "Journal Club" at her institution to discuss projects conducted at Karolinska Institute regarding multidisciplinary research about spinal cord injury or stroke rehabilitation.