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Microscopy course

"From sample preparation to image analysis 2019/01/22-2019/02/08"


Course content

These courses will provide you with enough theoretical and practical knowledge so that, when you go back to your lab, you are able to fully understand how to properly use the hardware and software on your own microscope.

  • Theory and many practical tricks about the parameters and hardware used in wide field and confocal imaging
  • How to identify and avoid imaging artefacts
  • Dealing with the challenges of imaging fluorescent volumes
  • Getting started with automated image analysis
  • How to handle scientific images for publication
  • Tricks about fixation, mounting and handling of samples in a way that is optimal for imaging
  • Advanced microscopy techniques (multiphoton, super resolution, spectral imaging...)
  • Image your own sample, get tons of personalized tips on how to improve the preparation and imaging of your own sample

Application, venue, archive

How to apply? Please contact Sylvie Le Guyader or Gabriela Imreh

Karolinska Institutet, Campus Flemingsberg
Institutionen för Biovetenskaper och Näringslära
Neo, Blickagången 16

Venue: Neo, Gene seminar room, at the end of the main hall on level 5 (= main entrance level)

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