Microscopy network, jobs and software

Freeware for image analysis

- Image J/Fiji
Great freeware to open images acquired on any microscope, resize, crop, change contrast, create movies, annotate, analyse and much more.

- Cell Profiler
Freeware for automated image analysis including machine learning.

Open source to build a custom made image analysis pipeline

Networks, jobs and career

Light microscopy jobs, meetings, courses, networking… in Europe. Remember to mail them that you want to show up on their map of European microscopy!

Imaging network in Sweden

They send about 4 newsletters/year with loads of academic jobs around the world (Newsletter in English)

Loads of information from which companies/institute works with research to how to find an apartment when moving to another lab, find work, know your rights, express your opinion about researchers’ work conditions…

Other places to look for work:

Microscopy wikis

- Lynda.com
Free for KI people. A great tool with video courses about Photoshop, image processing, websites and many more things, all for free!

- Kurt Thorn’s excellent microscopy blog
I highly recommend following this blog (register to RSS). Monthly digest of major microscopy related articles. Loads of tips.

- Microscopy Education by Nikon

- Leica Science Lab

- Microscopy Education by ZEISS

- Molecular Expressions

- SVI deconvolution

- Microscopy info

- Nature Milestones Light Microscopy

- iBiology Microscopy Course

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