Using the LCI facility


  • An initial project discussion with tons of advice on experimental and sample design. We will decide together which system is best suited for your project.
  • A very thorough one-to-one training with your own sample on the chosen type of system. The aim is that at the end of the training you have acquired a solid theoretical and practical knowledge about the machine, the software, the sample, the experimental design and the requirements for reliable image analysis.
  • Access 24/7 to the equipment you have been trained on. The training to one type of equipment gives access to several microscopes (see here details of the LCI equipment).
  • Continuous support and guidance you need after you have been trained, refresher sessions if you have forgotten something, new expert discussion when your project evolves…
  • Expert help to build your image analysis pipeline with our in-house image analysis specialist
  • Access to fast servers and LCI analysis software 
  • Regardless of whether you are an LCI member or not, you are welcome to join the yearly LCI microscopy course

If you want to use the LCI instruments, contact the LCI facility ( to schedule a project discussion. 

Services that require training

Training fees
1. Training fees (SEK)
Training on microscopes* (including 6h free imaging) 10800
Training on specialized equipment**; *** 1800
Administration fee (mandatory for first training) 1200
Second training (with the same software) 9000

* Widefield/spinning disk/TIRF, Confocals, light sheet, STORM

** Cost for material is not included

***Laser microdissection, Cell picker, Micropatterning, Micromanufacturing, Slide scanner, Transmitted light only

Membership fees
2. Membership Fee (SEK)
Membership duration 12 mth 6 mth 3 mth 1 mth 2 weeks
Microscopes and analysis (VDI) 30000 17000 9000 4000 NA
Specialized equipment* 15000 11000 8000 4000 3000
Analysis only (VDI) 6000 4000 2500 1500 NA

*Laser microdissection, Cell picker, Micropatterning, Micromanufacturing, Slide scanner

Hourly fees
3. Hourly fees
Microscopes Monday-Friday (09.00-18.00) 330 kr/hr
All other hours (including weekends) 165 kr/hr
Imaging by staff 1000 kr/hr + hourly fee for the microscope
Remote Desktop All hours 50 kr/hr
LCI expertise LCI users Free
Non-LCI users 450 kr/hr


For non-academic users, the Training, Membership, Hourly fees, Expertise and Remote Desktop fees are doubled.

The booking rules can be found in the LCI guidelines.

Some of the LCI training fees give access to several microscopes:

  • Nikon single point confocals training fee: 2 confocal systems (Pegasus, Dragon)
  • Nikon widefield training fee: 5 widefield systems (Orion, Victor, Tweety Pegasus and Minerva), 2 TIRF systems (Pegasus and Victor) and 3 spinning disk confocal (Orion, Victor and Tweety) systems, STORM system (Pegasus)
  • Zeiss confocal training fee: 1 confocal with a multiphoton option (Zeus)
  • Light sheet training fee: 1 light sheet system (Aurora)

Guidelines and Risk assessment

Users must follow the LCI core facility guidelines at all times. Additionally, a Risk assessment specific for the LCI facility must be submitted for each type of sample.

The guidelines contain information about:

  • Booking and cancelation rules
  • Safety
  • GDPR


- When data acquired or analysed on the facility’s microscopes or the VDI are published, the facility and the grant providers must be acknowledged using the following text: "This study was performed at the Live Cell Imaging Core facility/Nikon Center of Excellence, at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, supported by the KI infrastructure council."

- Additionally, if Gisele Miranda has helped with image analysis, the following text must be added to the one above: "The BioImage Informatics Facility at SciLifeLab, National Microscopy Infrastructure (VRRFI 2019-00217) and recipient of the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, assisted in the image analysis."

Testimonies from our users 

"After the training, if I got extra questions I could ask the facility staff and get a good refresher. It is very important, since some questions arise with time only.”

"The data storage / server solutions at LCI are the best. It really makes things become simpler, effective and efficient. The possibility to access the NIS software analysis at any time really makes my experiments go much faster."

"LCI training was done by Gabriela and training was perfect. She is great, very knowledgeable and patient."

"Both Gabriela and Sylvie were very helpful before the training, helping us in finding the best way to analyze our samples, as well as during training and after. They are always there when we have questions and need more detailed information."

"The training was very good. It was the first time in my career I had such a personalized and complete training on microscopy. It is very useful to spend several hours with someone from the LCI staff during the training and learn how to image our samples in the best way possible"

"The theory component of the training is invaluable!"

"I never had such a thorough introduction to microscopy anywhere else and I found what one learned very valuable for my experiments"

"It's great that those extensive trainings exist! It really helps to get most out of your samples"

"Best imaging place ever"

"The staff of the facility are available to help troubleshoot at short notice and they are constantly bringing new technologies and techniques to the facility to improve results."

" I really like that the microscopes are maintained well and LCI is very helpful with any questions, troubleshooting or even bouncing ideas"

" LCI staff are all very helpful and willing to help and interested"

"The LCI imaging facility is the best imaging facility I encountered during my career regarding equipment (keeping up with new developments), training and support"