Training fees and microscope usage options

We have membership or hourly fee options for usage of the microscopes and/or Image analysis platforms. 

Microscope usage fee options

  • The membership fee (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) covers using the microscopes one has been trained on, support and access to the VDI
  • The hourly fee covers using the microscopes one has been trained on, support but does not cover access to the VDI

Image analysis platforms usage fee options (VDI and Remote Desktop)

  • Membership fee for using the VDI (1, 3, 6 or 12 month)
  • Hourly fee for using the Remote Desktop

Please note that the training and membership fees are individual and cannot be transferred from one user to another, even from the same lab.

Training fees (SEK)

training fees for learning how to use the equipment at LCI
Service/type of training Fee
Microscopes* 10800
Specialised equipment ** 1800
Administrative fee (mandatory for first training) 1200
Second training 9000
Application training*** 6000

* Widefield, spinning disk, TIRF, confocals, light sheet

** Cost for material not included. Laser micro-dissection, micropatterning, micromanufacturing, slide scanner, transmitted light only

*** On any microscope (exception is Aurora) when the trainee is following an already established pipeline

Membership fees (SEK)

Membership fees at LCI
Service/equipment 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month 2 weeks
Microscopes and analysis (VDI) 25000 15000 9000 4000 NA
Specialised equipement* 15000 11000 8000 4000 3000
Analysis only (VDI) 6000 4000 2500 1500 NA

* Laser microdissection, micropatterning, micromanufactering, slide scanner

Hourly fees (SEK)

Hourly fees at LCI
Service/equipment Hourly fee
Microscopes Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 (office hours) 330
Microscopes Outside office hours (including weekends) 165
Imaging by staff 1000 (+ hourly fee for microscope)
Remote Desktop All hours 50
LCI expertise consultation For LCI users Free
LCI expertise consultation For non LCI users 450

NB! Companies pay double the price listed in the tables, plus 25 percent VAT.

Some of the LCI training fees give access to several microscopes:

  • Nikon single point confocals training fee: 2 confocal systems (Pegasus, Dragon)
  • Nikon widefield training fee: 5 widefield systems (Orion, Victor, Tweety Pegasus and Minerva), 2 TIRF systems (Pegasus and Victor) and 3 spinning disk confocal (Orion, Victor and Tweety) systems, DeepSIM (Orion)
  • Light sheet training fee: 1 light sheet system (Aurora)
  • Micropatterning and microfabrication with PRIMO (Tweety)
  • Laser microdissection (Minerva)
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