Jonas Söderquist's scholarship

Jonas Söderquist's scholarship is annually awarded one to three talents for further research in virology and immunology.

Scholarship awardees 2022

In accordance with the review group's proposal, Quirin Hammer (MedH) and Daniel Sheward (MTC) were awarded. 

News 2022

Previous scholarship awardess at KI

Soham Gupta, (LabMed) and Christopher Tibbitt, (MedH) 

Leo Hanke (MTC), Andrea Ponzetta (MedH) and Charlotte Thålin (KIDS)

Scholarship awardess 2019 Petter Brodin (KBH), Dhifaf Sarhan (MTC) and Marcus Buggert (MedH)

Scholarship awardees 2018 - Hassan Abolhassani (LABMED) and Iosifina Foskolou (CMB)

Scholarship winner 2017 - Erik Berglund, CLINTEC

Scholarship winner 2016 - Ujjwal Neogi and Karin Sundström, LABMED

Scholarship winner 2015 - Edwin Leeansyah, MedH

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Kia Olsson