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Travel grants 2018

SFO-V launched a call for travel grant applications on up to SEK 50 K each in order to encourage international exchange and collaboration in the field of health care science within the SFO-V four core areas.  A decision has been made to award nine applicants travel grants. Read the decision here.


Core facilities 2018-2020

The purpose of the call for funding of Core facilities by the SFO-V was to offer possibilities to develop infrastructure offering services that could be of benefit for health care science researchers in particular as well as for other researchers at KI, health care units and external clients. April 23rd 2018 the Executive management group of SFO-V decided to grant funds to the following two core facilities. Decision in Swedish.

uMOVE - Erika Franzén, Maria Hagströmer, Rikard Wicksell, Eva Weidenhielm-Broström and Emily Holmes 

eHealth -  Joakim Dillner, Sabine Koch, Brjánn Ljótsson and Marie Löf 


Social innovations 2018

The division of innovative care research at KI is in the process of developing a foundation for a sustainable KI support system focusing on social innovations with support from SFO-V and KI Holdings among other stakeholders. The aim is to improve the availability and utilization of research-based services, products, processes and methods within health sciences.

Today's innovation-support activities at KI are primarily aimed at researchers in the field of Life Science and thus, does not reflect the breadth of research that takes place at KI today. Within health care science many ideas and potential innovations in the form of research-based services, products, processes and methods are not always commercially viable but which still can be of great benefit to society and contribute to well-being. 

SFO-V Fellows 2017-2019

Following a SFO-V call on funding of excellent junior researchers with leadership potential, a decision has now been taken. The below eight researchers will be funded 100% for two years and are expected to contribute 20% of their time to SFO-V activities. 

We are pleased to now have incorporated a group of SFO-V Fellows, representing six KI departments, eight professions, all four SFO-V core areas and a wide range of experiences from different research areas, clinical settings and educational activities at numerous universities and health care facilities in Sweden and internationally. 

Professor of Innovative Care 2014-2019

Carol Tishelman is the appointed Professor of Innovative Care at Karolinska Institutet, which is a professorial chair funded by an endowment made by Investor AB. The endowment is for SEK 10 million during a five-year period starting 2014. SFO-V is co-funding the position with 800 000 SEK per year. Among other things, the aim of the chair is to research for new forms of cooperation between patients, relatives and healthcare professionals as well as bridging the traditional boundaries within health care in order to meet the major challenges within this area. The breakthroughs in biomedical research gives better opportunities of providing personalized care, all the while patients and their relatives are increasingly demanding to influence their choice of health care efforts. In order to meet these challenges increased effort in health care science research and innovation are required.

Prof. Carol Tishelman conducted a survey to map the activities and structural support for social innovation within both the KI and the Stockholm area. The survey concluded that the support available today does not meet either the needs, demands or potential of social innovation within health care science.

Global Bridges 2013-2017

“Global Bridges to Advance Health Care Research Careers for Junior Researchers” aims at supporting the development of junior researchers at KI and creating international networks within health care sciences and long lasting international collaborations - essential for their careers. Accepted junior researchers invite international scholars within the field of health care science to share their career stories with and answer all questions the junior researchers may have on their own career choices. The key words are networking and mentoring.

The Global Bridges was arranged by the SFO-V for the 4th time in 2017 and our experience is that it is always highly appreciated with outstanding scholars from prestigious universities very generously sharing their experiences. The programme consists of a two-day seminar with junior KI researchers and another three days with seminars, lectures, clinical visits and/or other activities that invited scholar and the inviting junior researcher(s) agree on.

Junior researchers in health care sciences at KI with a PhD, maximum 7 years after thesis defense, can apply. One junior researcher or a small group of two or three junior researchers affiliated with KI should suggest an established international scholar (i.e. outside Sweden), with whom they would like to initiate research collaboration. 

SFO-V has approved six applications for Global Bridges 2017. Six international senior researchers have been nominated and will receive an invitation to Stockholm. Read the decision here.

For 2013-2015 you can read the decision here. 

Previous funding decisions

Internationalisation programme 2015

In order to encourage international contacts and collaborations in the field of health care research, SFO-V invited junior researchers to apply for funding for one visit (up to 3 months) or several shorter visits to a university or research institute outside of Sweden. This grant is intended to cover travel costs, living expenses, and accommodation not covered by other funding. Eligible to apply were all junior researchers with a PhD earned during the last seven years (between May 31, 2008 and May 31, 2015) who are not yet associate professors and who are employed at or affiliated to any department at Karolinska Institutet. 


Research grants to present PI:s of Strategic Research Area in Care Sciences 2015

Decision has been made for grants of 2 000 000  SEK to the following:

  • Kristina Alexandersson
  • Lena Borell
  • Mats Brommels
  • Eva Nissen
  • Christina Opava
  • Carol Tishelman
  • Lotta Widén Holmqvist

Research in Health Care Sciences 2013-2014 - for research groups

Decision has been made for grants of 1000 000 SEK for each year.

Research projects in Care Sciences

In total, 112 applications was registerered, of which 88 applications was from Karolinska Institutet (KI) and 24 from Umeå Universitet (UmU).

Decision has been made for funding 30 of these applications; 20 from KI and 10 from UmU.

Appointment as researcher

Decisions for employment as  researcher  2012-2013 have been made as follows:

  • Ingegerd Hildingsson - Women and child health
  • Lotta Widén Holmqvist - People living with long-term disability
  • Staffan Josephsson och Anders Kottorp - Older adults living with activity limitations and participation restrictions
  • Yvonne Wengström - Cancer and palliative care
  • Göran Tomson - Health systems, policy, management, informatics and economics

Decision for employment as  researcher  2012 has been made as follows:

  • Birgit Rasmussen - Cancer and palliative care

Decisions for employment as  researcher  2011-2012 have been made as follows:

  • Lena Krumlinde Sundholm, Eva Nissen - Women and child health
  • Kristina Alexanderson, Christina Opava, Lena von Koch - People living with long-term disability
  • Louise Nygård, Staffan Josephsson, Mark Luborsky - Older adults living with activity limitations and participation restrictions
  • Carol Tishelman, Yvonne Wengström - Cancer and palliative care
  • Mats Brommels, Lars Wallin - Health systems, policy, management, informatics and economics

Mission as core-leaders 2011-2015

SFO-V have finished the recruitment process regarding mission as core leaders with focus on one of SFO-Vs areas of research. Decision has been made, as follows:

  • Eva Nissen - Women and child health
  • Christina Opava - People living with long-term disability
  • Per-Olof Sandman (2011-2014), Louise Nygård (2014-2015) - Older adults living with activity limitations and participation restrictions
  • Carol Tishelman - Cancer and palliative care
  • Mats Brommels - Health systems, policy, management, informatics and economics 
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