Research centres

A centre at Karolinska Institutet is a focused concentration in a certain research or educational area which is flexible in its organisation and limited in time. The centres aim to create a dynamic collaboration. A common characteristic is that centres consist of research teams sharing equipment and premises.

It is the Committee for Research that makes the decisions on criteria for establishing, monitoring and liquidation of research centres. For overall strategic investments in centres in collaboration with other organisations, the final decision is taken by the Faculty Board, after a preparation process within the Committee for Research or other internal managing body.

National and international centres at KI

Centres in collaboration with other stakeholders

Centres set up by targeted external funding

Centres within KI

Internal research networks

KI has a number of internal research networks, which is a "looser" collaboration form than a formal research centre. The puropse of these networks is to promote cooperation and knowledge exchange within each research area or alike, regardless of location or home department. The networks othen gather both preclinical and clinical researchers. Some of these networks are to a certain extent faculty funded, others are not.

A list of internal research networks