iLab booking and billing system

iLab booking and billing system has been introduced at Theme Cancer/OncPat for booking FACS, IncuCyte and Histology services. Find the descriptions on how to Get Started with iLab in the files below. iLab is provided by Agilent CrossLab through the Infrastructure management at Karolinska institutet. All Core Facilities at Karolinska institutet are managed by iLab. The Core Facilities at theme Cancer are available only for members of research theme Cancer and groups at OncPat´s department and are not available at a regular basis for the members of other departments/themes at KI/KS.

More detailed instructions and additional help can be found at iLab Help Site by clicking “HELP” link. For any questions not addressed in the Help Site, use the “HELP” link to submit a ticket, and your question will be answered later by the managers. Alternatively, email

Responsible managers:

FACS Core facility - Weng-Onn Lui

IncuCyte - Paula Mannström

Histology services - Anna Malmerfelt

General questions can be addressed to Paula Mannström or Katja Pokrovskaja Tamm