Plate readers core facility

TECAN 10M plate reader


Room nr: U230 06 3700

Responsible person: Huaitao Cheng                

Booking calendar: at the location or

General information:

This advanced and flexible multimode microplate plate reader provides an all-in-one solution for ELISAs, low volume DNA/protein quantification and fast spectral scanning. It can detect wide range of fluorescence (monochromatic) and any type of luminescence (flash, glow, BRET and laser-based Alpha Technology). The bright field imaging capabilities using phase contrast allows for assessment of cell growth and proliferation. The software can calculate confluency as % of covered surface. It works with plates ranging from 6-384 wells. Its incubator-like environmental control, enables long-term cell-based experiments and live monitoring of cell growth.

The luminescence block has been exchanged and the service of the instrument and software upgrade has been completed by TECAN in February 2020.  The CO2 is not currently supplied to the instrument.


Varioscan lux in lab environment

Varioscan LUX/ ThermoScientific

Room nr: U230 06 3700. 

Responsible person: Jessica Hacheney,

Booking calendar:

General information:

This multimode microplate plate reader is supplied with top & bottom fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence detection as well as AlphaScreen (the instrument uses red high intensity LED as the light source for AlphaScreen), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and two dispensers. Major features include: Dual excitation monochromators and dual emission monochromators for fluorescence applications using a photomultiplier tube as the detector; Luminescence sensitivity < 7amol ATP/well, 7 decades (flash ATP reaction, 384-well plate ; the instrument ensures measurement of both low and high signals within the same assay without problems with signal saturation or loss of the sensitivity; ability to include multiple plates inside a measurement session, and combine data from all plates to the same data set. The new users should contact the responsible person to receive an introduction and in case of problems or questions. 

Emission filters available: 571 NM HBW77; 620 NM HBW10; 665 NM HBW10

Rules for usage:

  1. Book the machine prior to use
  2. Close the program and log-out after use. If you use after 17:00, turn off the computer.
  3. The Introduction of new users is done ONLY by the Responsible person.
  4. In case of a problem, contact responsible person IMMEDIATELY
Centro LB 960 Luminometer

Centro LB 960 Luminometer/ Berthold

Room nr: Currently placed in Ola Larsson lab at SciLife

Responsible person: Kathleen Watt             

Booking calendar: at the location

General information:

This microplate luminometer is supplied with injectors. 96- or 384-well white plates can be used for such applications as Dual luciferase reporter gene assays or ATP measurements using, among others, Promega kits. Single or double injection-, kinetics-, repeated- or normal measurements are possible. The users should contact the responsible person for operating instructions for the instrument. Service and software upgrade was completed by Berthold in October 2019.

Versa Max plate reader

Versa Max Plate reader

Room nr: U220 06 3700

Responsible person:  Mohammad Hojat  

Booking calendar: at the location

General information:

The users should contact the responsible person for operating instructions for the instrument and in case of problems or questions. The computer (Windows 7) is not connected to the internet.