Bacteria lab

Bacteria lab at BioClinicum

Room nr: U230 06 4200

Responsible persons: Kristina Ihrmark Lundberg, , Sara Abu Ajamieh, , Alkinoos Polychronopoulos,

Booking calendar: none. Find paper calendars at the site for specific equipment

General information:

The room is equipped for bacterial culture, mainly E.coli, for generation of plasmid DNA, recombinant proteins and other similar applications for researchers at BioClinicum. The permit for activities in the room falls under the common GMM F-permit for BioClinicum. All applications performed in the rooms should have been risk assessed prior to initiated work.

Equipment available for use. The room is equipped with the ventilated cabinet for sterile work, bacterial shakers, heating cabinets, table-top centrifuges and a floor Ultra-centrifuge. Attention! The rotor to the Ultra-centrifuge is stored in the cold room U230063510. There is a work bench area available.

A new Eppendorf centrifuge 5910R GLP S-4XUNIV TUBE/P has been purchased with a fast angle rotor that can be used for high speed (15.000 rpm at 4-degree C) centrifugation in Falcon tubes for plasmid preparations. Only users of the bacteria lab who received an introduction will get a log-in to use the centrifuge for bacteria work and subsequent applications (DNA and protein precipitation, etc.). Fill in the logbook after use (find at the site).

To become a user. New users are requested to contact responsible person for an initial introduction; thereafter contact team Cancer coordinator Paula Mannström to be added to the user list and to the Outlook group: GRP_Bacterial lab users.

The users are obliged to keep the room tidy and dispose of all the contaminated trash in the yellow waste container, see guide-lines in the room. The contaminated glass or plastic ware requires de-contamination prior to be left for washing/autoclaving, see special guide-lines in the room. For further information and explanations, if needed, please, contact, or (group Per Kogner).