Microscope core facility

Microscope core facility theme cancer

Room nr: U230 06 2100

Booking calendar: https://onkpatcorefacilities.skedda.com/booking

Work procedures: There are defined rules and work procedures for starting the microscopes, operating them and using the software as well as finishing the work, all of which have to be strictly followed.

General information: The lab is a core facility for Theme Cancer. This lab is accessible for authorized persons to work with epifluorescence and light (bright field, phase contrast) microscopy. New users should contact one of the responsible persons to become an authorized user and to be added to the booking calendar. 


Zeiss AxioImager M2

- for slides

- monochrome camera (IF)

Software functions

- image quantification

- deconvolution

Fluorescence filters: DAPI, GFP, Rhodamine, FITC, Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 568


Zeiss AxioObserver Z1 (inverted)

- for plates AND slides (change mounting frames yourself)

- monochrome camera (IF including far red).

- color camera (BF)

- LED illumination/Colibri 7

- optical sectioning/ApoTome

- phase contrast

Responsible persons:



Department of Oncology-Pathology