Testimonies from our users

"After the training, if I got extra questions I could ask the facility staff and get a good refresher. It is very important, since some questions arise with time only.”

"The data storage / server solutions at LCI are the best. It really makes things become simpler, effective and efficient. The possibility to access the NIS software analysis at any time really makes my experiments go much faster."

"LCI training was done by Gabriela and training was perfect. She is great, very knowledgeable and patient."

"Both Gabriela and Sylvie were very helpful before the training, helping us in finding the best way to analyze our samples, as well as during training and after. They are always there when we have questions and need more detailed information."

"The training was very good. It was the first time in my career I had such a personalized and complete training on microscopy. It is very useful to spend several hours with someone from the LCI staff during the training and learn how to image our samples in the best way possible"

"The theory component of the training is invaluable!"

"I never had such a thorough introduction to microscopy anywhere else and I found what one learned very valuable for my experiments"

"It's great that those extensive trainings exist! It really helps to get most out of your samples"

"Best imaging place ever"

"The staff of the facility are available to help troubleshoot at short notice and they are constantly bringing new technologies and techniques to the facility to improve results."

" I really like that the microscopes are maintained well and LCI is very helpful with any questions, troubleshooting or even bouncing ideas"

" LCI staff are all very helpful and willing to help and interested"

"The LCI imaging facility is the best imaging facility I encountered during my career regarding equipment (keeping up with new developments), training and support"